Could your child's manners use a little polishing at the table or when meeting new people? Are their conversation skills in need of an upgrade? Art is here to help!


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The new Artiquette Members Club will be chock full of art lessons with a quick manners, etiquette and character building "tip of the day” near the end that ties in with the lesson’s theme.


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Why mix manners tips with art lessons? I'm so glad you asked!

I found through serendipity that when the children are in a happy, open state of mind while creating art, they are very receptive to "character building" topics that can put them on the defense at any other time. It is so easy to tie in good manners and etiquette into any lesson, and it's such a need in today's modern age, I figured why not? Sign up to find out more when this officially becomes available

We deliver manners advice through art lessons in a way that doesn't feel like a judgement or a punishment while improving a valuable skill that builds your child's confidence!

 -Maddy M.

Age 12

The Doodle Place has really created lessons that challenge me and that I look forward to. Miss Amber paces the lesson so well so it makes it easy to keep up!
The art she chooses to do is bright and cheery and has made me happy during such an interesting time.

-Roman M.
Age 8

My favorite part about the Doodle Place art lessons is the bright colors. I like that my art isn’t exactly the same. I get to add my favorite colors and my favorite things onto my painting.

-Jael E.

Age 10

Miss Amber’s art instructions are so clear and the lessons are so fun! I am always looking forward to the new art lessons she adds on her website and Facebook Page!