Art is, after all, only a trace – like a footprint which shows that one has walked bravely and in great happiness.

-Robert Henri


Our children only get one chance at childhood. What are we doing to help them walk through it "Bravely and in Great Happiness?"

You want to provide your kids with a wide array of tools and inspiration to keep them flourishing in expressive creativity; and sometimes that means providing them with a guide. Unless creativity and art is nurtured, it often slowly begins to wither and eventually dies off as children approach their early teens - whether through frustration of not knowing how, or through the constant allure of "instant gratification" distractions such as video games, TV, and the like. Without cultivation, art and creativity meet an untimely death in our children's development! Think about many adults do you know that still draw and paint?

And yet... art is usually the first thing to get tossed by the wayside when push comes to shove in our overburdened schedules, usually because parents simply don't know how to guide their children due to lack of technical skills.

Maybe you've spent hours, or months, searching and trying new programs local and online but never found an art program that brings delight to your kids and teens. But just imagine:

  • providing them with the rich art education you’ve always dreamed of but felt was out of reach.
  • giving them the freedom to explore many different art materials, gain confidence in their artistic abilities, and having a "guide" to show them how - leaving you off the hook!
  • creating both a physical and digital “gallery” of all the beautiful art produced by your child - makes the perfect gift for the grandparents!

I know that with the right tools in your hand, you can instill a love of art, beauty, & creativity  in your child that will continue to blossom into adulthood – even if you can't draw a stick figure!

Hi, I'm Amber!

I went to a tiny, intimate Atelier-style art school here in Southern Oregon thinking I would change the world with my art. But along the way, through Serendipity I discovered I love teaching the joy and method of art to children as much or more than I do creating it on my own! (Isn't it funny how life never ceases to surprise us, right when we think we know ourselves?)


I started offering after-school art lessons through my local community center as a volunteer, and that grew into art summer camps. Pretty soon it grew into my own little art studio a.k.a. part-time dining room. And then the requests started coming in for online lessons from friends of friends of friends or even locals who'd rather not drive across town. 


That's what The Doodle Place is all about...providing kids with a rich art experience and being a guide through their artistic journey, whatever the format whether in-person or online!


The best part about online lessons is that the WHOLE FAMILY can enjoy creating art while having meaningful experiences together and making lasting memories! 


Let's Grow Together

We need to nurture our children's creativity so that their love of art and fearless approach doesn't die a slow death as they approach adulthood. Do you want to help but you can't draw a stick figure? Let me be your guide! I love to teach art to children, and help instill a love of beauty and a confidence to create. Let's start this beautiful journey together!

Your Child's Best Art Awaits You!

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