Does Your Artsy Child Need Help But You Can't Draw a Stick Figure?


Help Is Here! Grab "The Doodle Place" Essential QuickstART Guide - For Non-Artsy Parents of Artsy Kids! 

I'll show you the supplies you need, some "art space" setup ideas, give you some free step-by-step art projects, and a list of the "Art Principles and Elements" along with conversation prompts that will enable you to help your child improve their art immensely, even if you can't draw a stick figure! 

Get My Free QuickstART Guide To Help Support My Artsy Child!

Help your child improve their art skills AND have the best-behaved child at the play date!

Does your child love art and want to improve? Could their manners also use a little polishing? Get our free 16-page QuickstART guide to help you support your artsy child, and while you're here, check out our new "Artiquette" Art & Manners online course coming soon!


  • An "Elements of Art" Cheat Sheet with prompts to discuss art with your child
  • A Freebie Pack with 3 Easy Art Projects
  • A recommended supply list
  • An "About My Art" free printable for your child to describe his or her finished work
  • Information about our upcoming "Artiquette" Art + Manners Course
  • Ways to help your child improve his or her art TODAY


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Don't know how to set up your artsy child for success? Get our QuickstART Guide for a recommended supply list, tips for a creative space setup, and a mailing list for helpful hints and advice


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Learn While Creating!

Every lesson teaches one or more of the art elements and principles so that children can transfer the concept to other artworks they create

Great For All Ages

Most lessons suggest alternative methods to simplify the steps so that younger or less advanced artists can participate, as well as offer tips for more advanced learners

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"Amber is AMAZING and SO great with kids! She is so crafty and has so many great art supplies and tiny cute aprons for the kids to wear. I 100% recommend her!!"


"Amber is absolutely wonderful! Her art programs are so creative and will help children grow artistically and broaden their minds. I highly recommend!"


"My 5 year old just said without being asked, "I loved painting at The Doodle Place." I think that's a good review."


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